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Welcome to my online portfolio

Nicholas Abston

My Finest Skills

Digital Business Readiness

I measure the competitive gap between your business and others in the industry to identify growth opportunities for the short and mid-term trajectory.

Search Marketing

Proven strategies are provided to build and promote website presence through search engine marketing, local search marketing, social media and other key platforms. Focus demographics are targeted specifically to ensure long-term growth.

Display Advertising

Display advertising can be in a variety of formats including image, text, video, audio, or a combination of these. These ads are placed on websites and printed locations that are most relevant and of most interest to the consumer.

Video Advertising

With years of camera-work and detailed editing, I have the expertise to capture beautiful angles and provide creative ideas for your commercial content. The movie worthy content is cost-effective for social media while remaining scalable for the big screen.


Best Twitter Campaign 2016

As of 2016 my team created a Twitter campaign which had more interaction “of any travel related tweet ever made”.

Best 49er Football Ad

We created a video animation that circled the entire football stadium, and won the “Best Marketing Campaign” award.

Addy Gold Award

We brought the spice of Miami to Mercedes-Benz of Fresno with our annual fashion show, generating over $250,000 in donations towards Valley Children’s Hospital.

Case Study

As a boat dealership located in land-locked Fresno, Semper Marine makes 85% of their annual revenue during the warm Summer months. An aggressive strategy was implemented and resulted in the highest profits seen in over six years.

Hire me for your next project

For the past ten years I have followed some of my passions: web design & development, graphic design, video production, digital animation, and the whole rapidly evolving marketing world that exceeds client goals by utilizing targeted large-scale strategy. My skills and knowledge continue to expand as I pursue excellence in technological advances related to all forms of media that produce positive responses from consumers.

Nicholas Abston

An industry expert with 10 years of experience